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2016 Marijuana Legalization Election Results

Cannabis reform measures are on the ballot in nine states which could lead to a historic win for the legalization movement. Of the many things we learned about American voters last night, here’s a big one: They are ready for cannabis prohibition to be over. 8 out of 9 states approved legalization measures on Tuesday. All four medical marijuana initiatives passed, and four out of five – minus Arizona – supported adult-use. Medical marijuana is already legal in Arizona, but they did not take the next step to allowing recreational use.


The four states that voted to pass new laws to make cannabis use equivalent to alcohol consumption are: California, Massachusetts, Maine and Nevada. Those states now join Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and the District of Columbia. More than half of all states (28) allow marijuana for medical use now that Arkansas, Florida, Montana and North Dakota voted “YES” on their ballots.

The good news is that Cannabidiol (CBD) is 100% legal in all states, safe to consume, and studies show many benefits from the oil which is extracted from industrial hemp plants. CBD oil can’t get you “high”, since it is non-psychoactive, but it can definitely help your overall well-being. Some other benefits that studies have shown, include:

  • Antiemetic – Reduces nausea and vomiting
  • Anticonvulsant – Suppresses seizure activity
  • Antipsychotic – Combats psychosis disorders
  • Anti-inflammatory – Combats inflammatory disorders
  • Anti-oxidant – Combats neurodegenerative disorders
  • Anti-tumoral/Anti-cancer – Combats tumor and cancer cells
  • Anxiolytic/Anti-depressant – Combats anxiety and depression disorders

In two more years, we will see how many more states will pass cannabis reform measures on their state ballots. The countdown continues as many await a pro-cannabis America.