Is Obama Care Washington’s Worst Decision Ever?
photo credit: qwrrty

Obama Care was supposed to provide Americans with low cost health insurance that was efficient and cost-effective. Unfortunately the initiative has proven to be an abject failure, as many other analysts and experts have pointed out.

It is without precedent for a single piece of Washington legislation to cause so much confusion and hardship for citizens and the country at large. Despite this disaster, the President and a big majority of Congress keeps ignoring the harmful consequences to people’s lives and the country’s economy that this legislation has wrought.

To list just a couple of the problems that Obama Care has created:

  • An estimate 5 million of Americans have lost access to their preferred insurance policies.
  • A majority of the same Americans were undergoing serious medical treatments (ex. cancer treatments) when they lost their insurance policies. This has created undue hardship that left their treatment and health up in the air.
  • Left without health insurance, these people are forced to buy new insurance which has historically grown in price and offered less benefits.
  • The poorly implemented technical aspect of Obama Care has created what experts dub “an identity thief’s wet dream” due to the lack of security checks and proper security protocols.
  • The new Obama Care policies restricts a patient’s access to preferred doctors and preferred hospitals.
  • The same policies also restrict access to medicine which was previously freely accessible and affordable.
  • Companies, schools, government agencies and NGOs are cutting down on new hires, restructuring or have already fired people in order to cope with the financial burden that the legislation has caused. This in turn has strained national economic growth.