How To Find The Perfect Industrial Premise in DC

When your business has grown enough that moving into an industrial premise becomes a necessity, that’s when things start to feel more real and tangible. Although it doesn’t clear you of the growing pains that every business experiences, such a move signifies growth, profit and a sign that things are only starting to get bigger and better. We’re going to look at what you need to know and where you need to look to get the perfect industrial premise in Washington DC.

Size is important

Size is important for two reasons:

  1. The bigger the space, the more it will cost – many business owners get overexcited at the idea of moving to an actual location and go wild, looking at options that are big and expensive. For obvious reasons, this isn’t the best idea. If you’re not an established company, a big space will drain your business’ coffers and you might not even need such a space.
  2. Down the road, space is good for expansion. If you can rent a bigger space but share it with another business, you would save money, paying only for the space that you’re actually using as well as sharing the bills, boardrooms, receptionist and security personnel.

Style – a fit for your business

What sort of business are you running? Be practical. If you’re going for an office space, the hot desking option is a good first choice as it allows your business to grow at its own pace which means that you only pay for space that you use. No need to move out of the offices every time you hire a new employee – you can simply add another desk to the rent package that you’re already paying for. Further down the line, this may cease to be a cost effective solution, but until then, this is the best solution for a burgeoning business.

What is your budget?

If your business has worked this long without having a physical office, it’s possible that renting office space is not exactly at the top of your priority list. Before you dive head first into a leasing agreement, take a very close look at where you’re sitting with your finances and whether it makes sense to rent space. If you can’t find something affordable, play the waiting game. The fact is that other companies will either grow or go bust and then they are forced to move out, freeing the space for you.